Chocolate Chunk! Black Forest Bumpy Road Cocoa Almond Nib (GF) Cocoa Loco Coconut Caramel Chocolate (CC+C) Doodle Snicker Dreamy Creamy Sicle Gimme S'more! GingaMolly Lemon Zest a'peel Oatmeal Double Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Extreme! Penguin Semisweet Chocolate Chunk SugaMaMa SugaRainbow Toffee Milk Chocolate Chip Tortuga Tuxedo Macadamia

Annie the Baker brings you chewy gooey mounds of decadent cookie goodness, each made from scratch and baked to perfection. The cookie “for those who love cookie dough more than the cookie!”

Try all of our delectable flavors!

Party Time? Minis, anyone? Cookie cakes (hello!!)Please contact us with larger orders or special requests.

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  • Black Forest fewer more

    Cocoa cookie dough loaded with dark chocolate chunks, white chocolate chips and tart cherries. Nun, das ist lecker (now that's yummy)! $2.25/each

  • Bumpy Road fewer more

    No rocks here. Just delicious bumps of marshmallow, chocolate, and almonds. If you hit this road, Jack, you’ll come back again and again! $2.25/each

  • Cocoa Almond Nib (GF) fewer more

    Gluten. Bah! Who needs it? Annie’s gluten-free cookie with almonds and cocoa nibs is so luscious you won’t even notice. $2.25/each

  • Cocoa Loco fewer more

    Semisweet chocolate chips. Milk chocolate chips. Rich cocoa cookie dough. If you love chocolate, you’ll go cuckoo for Cocoa Loco! $2.25/each

  • Coconut Caramel Chocolate (CC+C) fewer more

    C'mon let's snack, baby. Coconut takes control. Let the caramel ooze, yeah. Snack! Sna-ack! Coconut takes control. Dark chocolate chunks, too, yeah. Do-do-do-do-dah. Everybody snack now! $2.25/each

  • Doodle Snicker fewer more

    Annie’s outside-in take on the classic—cinnamon on the inside, crunchy sugar crystals on the outside. $2.25/each

  • Dreamy Creamy Sicle fewer more

    Subtly orange-flavored cookie dough mingles with creamy white chocolate for a dreamy taste that kindles childhood memories of summer. $2.25/each

  • Gimme S'more! fewer more

    Buttery graham cookie, ooey gooey marshmallow, and Hershey's chocolate. The classic campfire treat (with no risk of singeing off your eyebrows). $2.25/each

  • GingaMolly fewer more

    Good golly! Candied ginger. Rich molasses. This ain’t no ginger snap. $2.25/each

  • Lemon Zest a'peel fewer more

    Refreshing, tangy lemon cookie dough with mini white chocolate chips rolled in fine lemon sugar. Careful, you may become a zest addict. $2.25/each

  • Oatmeal Double Chocolate Chip fewer more

    Semisweet chocolate, milk chocolate, and a hint of cinnamon punctuate hearty oatmeal cookie dough. Sweet, rib-sticking goodness. $2.25/each

  • Peanut Butter Extreme! fewer more

    The most peanut-buttery peanut butter cookie is littered with miniature peanut butter cups. PB heaven! $2.25/each

  • Penguin fewer more

    Annie’s signature cocoa cookie dough chock full of white chocolate chips. An instant classic. $2.25/each

  • Semisweet Chocolate Chunk fewer more

    Classic cookie goodness, Annie style. Our brown sugar cookie is loaded with rich semisweet belgian chocolate chunks. (Sorry, milk not included) $2.25/each

  • SugaMaMa fewer more

    Annie’s buttery sugar cookie dough is jam-packed with mini M&Ms. You (and yo’ Mama) will love it! $2.25/each

  • SugaRainbow fewer more

    Sugar cookie heaven, coated in festive rainbow sugar crystals. Kids love it, and so will the kid in you! $2.25/each

  • Toffee Milk Chocolate Chip fewer more

    Buttery-rich toffee and smooth milk chocolate make this one of our most popular cookies. $2.25/each

  • Tortuga fewer more

    Creamy caramel, crunchy pecans, and rich semisweet chocolate chunks blend perfectly with Annie’s cocoa cookie dough. ¡Delicioso! $2.25/each

  • Tuxedo Macadamia fewer more

    Semisweet chocolate, white chocolate and toasted macadamias crowd into brown sugar cookie dough. “Black tie” not required for admission to this flavor party. $2.25/each



At Market

Annie‛s tent Emeril stops by Annie’s booth
Surprise guest
Emeril stops by Annie’s booth at Napa Farmers Market
Visit Annie at Napa Farmers Market (look for the PITTSBURGH STEELERS tent):

Napa Certified Farmers Market
Closed until further notice

In Stores

Find Annie the Baker cookies in these fine stores:


Oakville Grocery
124 Matheson St, Healdsburg, CA

Los Altos

Italian Deli
139 Main St, Los Altos, CA

Los Gatos

Italian Deli
42 Elm Street, Los Gatos, CA


Browns Valley Yogurt and Espresso
3265 Browns Valley Road, Napa, CA

Napa Valley Coffee Roasting Company
948 Main Street, Napa, CA

Ritual Coffee Roasters
Oxbow Public Market, 610 First Street, Napa, CA


Oakville Grocery
7856 St. Helena Hwy, Oakville, CA

Saint Helena

Gary’s Wine & Marketplace
607 Saint Helena Hwy S, Saint Helena, CA

Napa Valley Coffee Roasting Company
1400 Oak Ave, St. Helena, CA

Sunshine Foods
1115 Main Street, St. Helena, CA


Yountville Deli
(in the Ranch Market)
6498 Washington Street, Yountville, CA

Annie Baker (a.k.a. Annie the Baker)

Annie poses with the penguin Annie with the penguin
Proud Pittsburgher
Annie poses with the penguin
is the perfect example of a professional woman who finally decided to take a chance and change career direction, pursuing her true natural passion in the pastry arts. Hailing from Pittsburgh, Annie attended Saint Mary’s College in South Bend, Indiana, before working as an accountant for corporate financial institutions in downtown Chicago.

Go West, young woman!

After ten years of “counting beans” and–more importantly–delighting coworkers with her tasty homemade treats, Annie ventured west to attend the CIA (no, not that one, the Culinary Institute of America in Saint Helena, California), earning a degree in Pastry Arts and catapulting Annie from passionate amateur baker to dedicated professional pastry chef. She spent the next five years as Head Pastry Chef of the famous Mustards Grill in Napa Valley, but another mission was calling.

The world is not flat!

“So why are cookies?” asked Annie. She tinkered for over a year before finally perfecting the recipe for her unique brand of dough-like cookies; cookies that capture the decadent essence of butter, sugar and eggs in an imposing mound of goodness.

Yum-town population: you.

That was almost five years ago, and Annie has continued developing her cookie mastery with new recipes of both classic and soon-to-be-classic cookie flavors. There are currently 18 indulgent varieties (some seasonal), with more in development. And who benefits from all of this tasty creative genius? You do.

Thanks for visiting, and happy tr-eating!

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